Hi and thanks to all in advance who maye able to help with this one. Car run perfectly until the day before yesterday. I had been driving the car from cold and travelled about 1 mile and when I slowed for a roundabout the engine cut out, it will crank over but made no attempts to start. Gets the car towed home as it was late. I went out in the morning to have a look, cranked the engine and it started first turn and run great as it has doen for the last two years without incident. As the battery had been worked the previous evening I let it run for about ten minutes, after that I cranked it again and perfect, left it running for a few minutes and switched it off. Returned to the car about an hour later and cranked away and would not start, I often heard the engine fire as if it was about to start but nothing. I used the code on the dash trick and nothing showed, the car was serviced last year by Ford dealer, any ideas where to star looking? I am loath to go anywhere in case it stops again.

The car had been filled with diesel (BP) the day before the breakdown and I covered about 80 miles with no issues.

Many thanks in advance