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Full Version: 1.8 Poor Fuel Consumption
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Heya all, hope you enjoying this lovely sun today.

I've been having a few concerns about my fuel consumption, not been an owner of the 1.8 long but love it. I noticed the focus drinks a bit much petrol. I topped up with sainsburys petrol did about 118 miles petrol light come on at 105 and that cost me 20 all urban 30/40/50 mph roads. I have a light right foot.. tyre pressure is spot on. Not warning lights up. A full tank gets about 350/370 at best.

Is this normal for this model or does it sound as though something is up ?
Will Clark IOM
Have you got the mk 2/2.5 my 2007 1.8 was so bad it was laughable only getting around 35mpg and that was a good day no traffic and green lights, having said that you will get less mpg from tesco asda and the likes due to the fuel having less octane, that's the main reason it's that little bit cheaper but i don't thing we would be talking anymore the 2mpg though.
I think mines considered a 1.5. Yeah supermarket fuel is not to best but not auwful never had any trouble with it myself. I fill up at shell every now and again and notice an extra 30/50 miles per tank with careful driving.

Perhaps I should start using better fuel and see how it goes.

I got in to a habit of using super market fuel mainly becuase its all thats local to me bar one shell which charge silly money currently about 139.9 for a litre of unleaded and sainsburys 5 minutes away is 133.9, but if I pass a more reasonable shell I'll fill it right up I think and see how it performs.

It crackers isn't it what these things drink! I don;t even sit there with air con on or boot it anywhere, I drive with a light right foot and get auwful returns. When I entered the world of ford I thought I might be on to a money saving path lol so far have spent a small fortune. That said touch wood its never let me down like every other car I have had bar the mk4 golf which was good. It was only a 1.6 petrol but a tank got me 440 miles with careful driving! BUT it had so many niggly faults I had to dedicate half my life to fixing it lol. I'm enjoying the fact I just get in turn key and of you go :)
Will Clark IOM
Yer the fords are good and if anything dose go wrong hope it dosent its easy to get extra parts due to the amount of them, 139.9 I can't remember those days diesel is 147.8 petrol more like 144.9 total joke hense why I went an got a diesel.

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