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Full Version: Ford Escort 55D Under Power
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hi all .. just got me van on the raod and it seems to b a lot slower and sluggish now struggles to get to 60 .
i bought it a few weeks ago and on the drive home it was champion, it stoood for 2 weeks while i was sorting rust on arches sills and rear valance, took it out today had trouble starting and when on idle its lazy .. almost staling... and it seems to have lost power ..

its done 150000 mile but my last van had more than that do u think redex would help .. dirty injectors or fuel filter maybe .. its a 1.8 d non turbo mk6 esc van
Hi mate, like what you suggest I too would check out the fuel system as if it's been stood for a while it could have developed a leak. Start the engine up, and let it run giving it some revs - and then check underneath the bonnet at the injector fuel lines and feeds from the pump onwards. It will let you check to see if there's any leaks from seals etc when the system is under pressure.

If not I would replace the fuel filter, and like you suggest running some Redex through the engine because it will clean the carbon out of the cylinders and clean the injectors.

Hope that helps :)
yeh checked all the lines and fuel rail from the tank to injectors now no leaks also checked the intake no tears in hoses every thing seems ok

drained tank and fresh diesel ,, still the same :angry:
Hmm, I guess at least the possibility of a fuel leak can be ruled out which is good. Just hope it's not something worse - try some Redex in the engine mate as that should clean out the injectors. You could also pop out the glow plugs and dribble a tiny little bit in, when you start the engine you'll see all the black horrible carbon come shooting out of the exhaust which is always good fun :D.

I don't know if you've checked but I would give your air filter a clean out as if there's a blockage it could be causing what you are describing.

Hope that helps,

mr pompey
Not sure if ur van has 1, but clean the egr out,
[quote name='mr pompey' timestamp='1317691242' post='146979']
Not sure if ur van has 1, but clean the egr out,

the [b]egr[/b] having a daft moment enlighten me
Exhaust Gas Recirculation - I think manufacturers started using it around 2000 and still use it today, basically it takes the exhaust gases and feeds them back through the engine to burn them again to lower the emmisions. If the valve is blocked then it could be causing your problem. I don't think your engine has this fitted though, because on all the 1800 Ford diesel engines I've worked on they never had such a feature, although these were in Escorts, I don't think I've worked on one past about 1997 lol.
right well im of to pull all the hoses of and blast them trough with air .. iv found a filter on one of theses breather pipes cloged up .so the pipe is just reconnected without it now

is this model a timing belt or a chain..i know my r reg was a belt as it snapped twice grrrrr :angry:
Sounds good mate, hopefully that should sort it out :)

I'm 99% sure you have belts. There's one for the camshaft sprocket and another one for the diesel injection pump - both are driven from their own sprocket on the crankshaft. They're really easy to change, and while you're doing it you might as well replace the water pump too because if these leak the belt gets contaminated which puts the belts at risk of snapping.

Hope that helps and let us know if you've got to the bottom of the performance problem,

Dan :D
To add: The best way of checking to be sure before you order a timing belt kit is to have a look at the L/H side of the engine - nearest the drivers side. If there's a plastic cover with some small bolts & clips holding it on you have a belt setup, and you could even remove this to check the condition of the belt - but if there's no mentioning of it being changed then get it replaced, can't really take a chance.
I can confirm that the 1.8 diesel has two belts. One for the cam and another for the injector pump. It might be worth checking the pump timing to see if it's jumped a tooth. That will kill the performance

Do you have any smoke and is the van difficult to start?
no smoke what so ever clean as a whistle 4 a Diesel . startings a bit of a erm shal we say tedious , yes trouble starting .. but iv just realized the key has bin bodged :angry: VERY well so i held the spare up against the ignition (both keys are like spoon handles) and tried again it started no bother . so aft a quick word with ford parts in dunston gateshead im getting a new ignition and 2 front doors done with new keys and the coding system abandoned . to go for a alarm i-mob central locking alarm kit

now the pipes are cleaned and back on with the new starting procedure it starts ok bit lazy on first turn but ok to me runs fine revs fine but when driving still lacks power (a bit better)(not much tho) any thing els maybe ..redex is in no change .. can a lazy pump b the cause .

will crack that cover off in the morn and check the belt condition and let you know will take sum picks if me phone decides to work as i shut it under the bonnet this afternoon :unsure: :angry: :angry:
[quote name='mickmk6' timestamp='1317766764' post='147087']
can a lazy pump b the cause .[/quote]

That's a good point actually, it's certainly a possibility. The diesel pump is really a complicated little unit in itself, the type fitted to the 1800 Ford diesel is inline, basically there's four piston which pump the fuel (in time via timing belt) up the injector rails into the injectors. Another possibility could be the injectors, I'm not entirely sure on the cost of them, but the good news is the injectors are really easy to change - just need a good battery after and when you replace them, leave the pipe unions slightly loose to allow the air to be forced out, crank it like that a few turns and then connect back up and it will start.

Hope you can get to the bottom of this because I'm looking forward to seeing pictures and following the mods you are doing :D

vans running champion now ... all the pipes wer full of crud so a quick dip in sum petrol and blew them out with my air line , back on now redex in and a few liters of that shell performance diesel done about 30 40 mile today pulls champion now whoop strait up 2 65mph then incurraged up to erm 70 shal we say lol .. going well iv got new ignition and key it starts no bother ..

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