Evening all,

With the cold mornings closing in fast i have been thinking about how to make it a bit more pleasant with diesels being a nightmare on the cold mornings..

heated seats and windscreens are great but when the engine takes so long to warm up it means i am sitting for a while freezing.

so far i have bought myself a little 150w 'heater' just to try help ever so slightly - i know its hardly significant but it helps

But what i really want to know, is it possible to fit the electric booster heater that some diesel models have? i believe it is 3x 250w glow plugs mounted on the pipework to the heater matrix that activate once the engine is running and when the inlet air temp is below 0°C? I have had a look at the fuse box and i have nothing in F3 - should be a 60a. So after a very brief look i cant see anything fitted so i guess its unlikely that i have one.

does anyone know if its possible to fit this?