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Focus 4real
HI there everybody would like to know any one else is running LPG and what they think of it overall.....

Personally, I havent got LPG but I would be lying if I said the thought had never crossed my mind. Doing research into it, it seemed a very plausible idea. A cheaper fuel to burn, and little impact on performance, yet the costs where numerous. For example, not important to others, but the loss of boot space to fit the tank. The high pressure inside the LPG tank was a little unnerving prospect, but more tot he point the loss of engine life overall. For example the wear and tear on components is more intensive, when using LPG. the average I read was that the engine lost a good 15000 miles of life overall. some may say thats little, but when the impact is immediate, and the cars services start going up little by little, I gave up with the idea.

Having said that, I think it would be good to hear others opinions on the matter...
Focus 4real
thanks for the reply , as to reagards to boot space i opted for the tank that fit in the spare wheel area so i could keep my boot space. Safety wise, the lpg tank is safer than you standard petrol tank on you car as its been made to take a good bang so its really tuff. As for wear and tear it's about the same as running on petrol, reason why other people find theres wearing out quicker as they have been mis lead information wise on how to protect there engine but the protection is mainly for ford engine and honda petrol engines as they have very soft valve seats which burn away easy. Thats slowed down greatly by running a flash lube system that feeds a lead additive into engine which you dont find in lpg .

I've had my lpg on for 30,000 miles now and have had no problems but still clueless to why i see people say they have burnt there valve seats out, my only conclusion to that is they are not running flash lube system

Kane ;-)
certainly an enlightenment, so thanks for that kane!

Running it for 30k I expect you have had more than your fair share of petrol savings! whats the average MPG on LPG for you then?
Focus 4real
my average mpg on gas with mixed driving is about 28-29 average but on the motor way upto 31mpg but town can hit aslow as 25-26. At the moment just running a tank of petrol to see what my miles per gallon is on standerd 95 octane petrol, so i can compare them, should have the petrol mpg by the end of next week. Gas worked out 3.45 for 28-29 miles ( which is a gallon of lpg )

Focus 4real
also putting the focus on a dyno start of november to show the difference in power between lpg and petrol ;-)

Gas 185 miles to a tank,
3/4 motorway and 1/4 town
27.98 mpg
£3.50 = 27.98 miles
Gas at 76.9 litre

Petrol 363 Miles to a tank
3/4 motorway and 1/4 town
36.57 mpg
£6.19 = 36.57 miles
Petrol at 135.9

divided by 4.55

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