Hi guy

Firstly I'm new here so hi everyone.

straight to buisness, I got 1.6 zetec - i spent to0 much on this car for my to scrap it and just buy a ST which would difinitely be easier but i found this one ebay:


How much work is actual involved in upgrading ?

I take it i will need a st ecu, and i found on that wont need coding for the key to work:


What about gear box? as i know i can straight swap st hubs, does that mean i dont need to change the gear box, are the bell housing bolts in the same place, if i do need to changed the gear box and i just get a standard st one, take it its all in the same place and drive shafts are all the same? esp as the drive shafts just slide straight into st hubs.

Sorry about all the question kinda poking on the dark and information about this kinda stuff is limited.