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Full Version: Will petrol ever become redundant?
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Will petrol ever become redundant? Will they ever actually find a way to replace it? We can ship a man to the moon but cannot find proper alternative fuels! what do you think?

Well when it runs out we will have to find something new... i can't imagine we will be using petrol for much longer.
I think there's a good change electric vehicles are going to become even more popular, especially as fuel prices continue to rise.

At the moment they are only really any use for short journeys around town or to work, and there's not exactly a great selection of electric cars. But as more manufacturers jump on the bandwagon then there's a good chance of new technologies and better batteries, as well as motors providing more power and obviously more charging stations. Technology has improved considerately in recent years, so there's a good chance in the years to come there will be new technology available able to put virtually a full charge in an electric vehicle in very little time, and the range of these electric vehicles will improve too and they will also charge their own batteries using friction from the tyres and when braking.

I think we've got all the exciting stuff to come if I'm honest. Maybe hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will ultimately end up replacing our usual internal combustion engines.

Who knows, but there will have to be some good alternative as we use more and more of our planets fossil fuels...
Double posted sorry! It's my stupid netbook the buttons are too small :P lol
The alternative is electric powered cars. Not popular at the moment (due to not being very good) but one day they'll come in use unless they find anything else to run cars off. Petrol's not going to run out in my lifetime though but the prices are getting obsurd. Still sticking with my petrol powered beast.

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