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Full Version: Cheeky Policemen!
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Well I have just been watching the Motorway Cops from this week on catch up. Only to see that one of the cops openly admitted he had been driving at 75 and 80 mph, and because a woman overtook him at 80 - he did her for speeding...

Genuinely, How can the Police admit on film that they were speeding, and then pull someone for speeding?

His acclaim to speeding was "I was going faster to ensure that the traffic would flow smoothly"...

Is it just me this has irritated??
Nope it annoyed me to so you're certainly not alone. Did you see that guy pulled in for being on his phone? He was giving the copper some right lip! It was hilarious :D
It looks like it irritated the two of you then. Police normally allow you to drive up to 80, therefore if somebody is daft enough to overtake a copper who is doing this speed they deserve to get knicked.

As it turned out she hadn't had a driving license for 14 years and her tax was out. He wasn't going to do her for speeding and in fact didnt. He only did her for driving without a license and then he gave her a lift home afterwards. Concidering how dumb she was she was very lucky in my opinion.
Although he shouldn't have been speeding if he wasn't rushing somewhere, my personal thoughts are 'good, she deserved it'.

Its a good thing they sit at 80mph and for the reason they said, I myself have found it annoying when they sit dead on at 70 forcing you to do the same. So yes, if you are silly enough to overtake you deserve to get the points. 75-80 is a good motorway speed so theres no need to go faster anyway, even if your son just wants a wave, stupid driver. :huh:
Glad to see i wasnt alone then! She was done well and truely for no license lol, but i just thought its cheaky that he said 'i was sitting at 80' then starts to do her for driving at 80 maybe its over reacting i just wonder as i see them overtake me at 80 and wonder if i played keep up wether they would do me for it?

Im the sort of person who drives the same wether theres a police car or not, im not the saint driver who convertsw the second he sees battonbhurgs, and if i got caught speeding between 70 and 80 and i heard him admit he was doing 80 then i would be quite upset, but as she was doing a bit more (i only saw that part and had to miss some answering the door) it sounds like i missed out on more. Someone said something about her overtaking so a child could wave at a policeman??
I think it's still available on iPlayer if anyone missed anything or missed it altogether.

From what I remember this woman overtook the copper so her son (who was sitting in the back seat) could wave at them, I must admit I feel pretty bad for the poor woman. The copper didn't end up doing her for speeding and she had no licence (it was out of date by like 15 years) and no insurance, I bet she didn't see that one coming. If only she'd have stayed behind :D
i overtake police and highways guys all the time on the A1(m). i havnt been done yet! touch wood! but the way i would see it is aslong as you aint doing stupid speeds in rush hour and being a prick. if its clear and you are signalling to change lanes and not lane hogging also not bombing past them advertising the fact your speeding... its fine.

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