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Full Version: Forza Motorsport 4
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Anyone playing Forza?

I just took these, is this real life?



My Gamertag is [b]Pumpkin Rock[/b] if anyone wants to play :)
The second picture looks like the same track as one in Forza 3?

I've been looking at DL'ing it on xbox, but not sure if it's worth it without a wheel!
Yeah, it's the same track...Maple Ring or something?



yeah playing this atm. Using Ford to get my affinity up to 50
It's a great game even without a wheel!

I got it only a couple of weeks ago and it's great. I'm taking the Ford route all the way through my career of course:

Focus Mk1 SVT
Focus Mk2 ST
Mustang King Cobra (1978)
Mustang Mk1 (1971)
Mustang GT (2005)

My Ford affinity is building up quite nicely! B)

Of course, between races I am trying out all the rest of the (non-Ford) cars around the Top Gear track

Any of the free cars that are not Ford get sold.
I love the game, had been playing it non-stop for about 3months when it first came out, don't really play it as much now though as done pretty much everything to be done on there lol but i do go on there now and again to do some more paint jobs nice and relaxing

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