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Full Version: 2006 1.8 Tdci General Service
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As per title I am thinking about giving my motor a quick once over. Got a Haynes Manual on order, and planning to look to see if i can remove the EGR valve and clean that (or use a spray if i have to), check and replace the Air Filter and Fuel Filter (using the info on here too) and take it to kwik fit for a oil and filter change (should actually cheaper to do that then just buying the oil - was for my Escort anyhow!!)

Motors got FSH - but i've had it 2 or 3 mths now and fancy giving a health check myself. Also got some BG244 to flush through the fuel system which should help as its a tad smokey.

Just wondered if there is anything else i should change and if those of you who have changed these filters can give an idea on the part prices??


I need to get around to sticking up some pic's too. I'll do that this weekend once i've changed the washer jets to the mist ones and given it a good clean!!
oil filters about 8-15 quid depending on quality, it's in a slightly awkward place (above a drive shaft if i remember rightly, can't really get a chain or strap wrench on it very well so i'd reccomend the oil filter plier type, failing that a screwdriver and hammer.

fuel filter can range from 12-35 depending if you want a ford original or oem. Good guide from lenny on here to do that. Aslong as you follow that you'll be good without a vacume pump. Don't get scared like i did if the car don't start after a few attempts, keep trying!

air filters anywhere from 10-20 again depending on quality. Personally I opted for k&n replacement.

It's very much worth replacing the pollen filter aswell, dealers seem to invoice for this service but forget to do it! Mine should have been changed 4 times, but when I took it out.. ford original part that looked as though it'd been in the car since it was manufactured!
Pollen Filter - Ahha - I shall look into that - can't wait for my hayne manual to turn up LOL

Not doing the oil & filter myself - if its like my escort i had its cheaper for kwik fit to do it as the bulk buy the oil. Would of cost me more just to buy the oil for the escort then KF charged for the whole job!!

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