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Full Version: Removing Interior Parts
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Im after some help, i need to remove a part of the dash frommy 09 Zetec S, the grey/silver piece which runs around the stereo and arount gear stick/handbrake. im guessing it just needs levering off with a sctrewdriver but not sure if thats going to break it.
Has any one removed this part before?
If so please help
Hi mate, if itd the normal cd6000, it unclips from the bottom just below the heater controls, then unclips up the sides, this remove's the whole panel ,including the silver ring, leaving the stereo.

hope this helps

Start from the bottom using flat screwdriver covered with a soft duster , then move to each heater control doing the same while appling slight pulling pressure with other hand , you will feel each clip pull out , only when you have released the center clips by heater controls then move to 3/4 way up , one clip each side , last clips then are at the top , do it gently and it comes off nice and easy ;)

the part around the cup holder and gear stick does not come off it is melted together , you remove you have to start and remove screws from armrest , unclip under handbrake , remove bottom of cup holder there is a screw under there, silver surround around gear stick pops off where you will then see 2 more screws holding it all together
I have some pictures here on another thread i did

Thanks for the replies. Managed to get it off, and more importantly back on again
Nigel S
Without breaking it?
[quote name='Nigel S' timestamp='1318859405' post='148855']
Without breaking it?
Oh yes i was proper chuffed it was still inone piece when i had finished lol

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