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Full Version: Mondeo Mk3 Exhaust Gas Feed Pipe
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Hi guys, just finished a 300 odd mile trip to Scotland and noticed towards the end a lack of power and a strange whooshing noise from the engine bay

When I got here I took a look under the bonnet (In the rain!) and my engine bay was covered in soot.

Found the cause of the problem, The exhaust gas feed to the EGR valve had popped off. But here's the question..

Is this pipe meant to be split at the end? The plate that holds against the EGR valve wasn't attached to the actual pipe, With a bit of pulling I can pull the pipe straight out again. There's no welds on it to have snapped, I expected the end of the pipe to be flared or something but that isn't the case either.

Surely this pipe isn't meant to be that free to move?

EDIT: on an unrelated note, where can I get my hands on a new badge for the steering wheel? I managed to dent mine smacking the horn at a BMW driver! :lol:
I'm stuck for what to do, I'm fairly sure it's not meant to be split though. I need to get this fixed or at least bodge it because I don't fancy getting 400 miles worth of soot in my engine bay on the drive home.

It jumps out of it's flange every time I drive the car
it should be a complete pipe with no splits,holes ect,the only options i can think of are a new pipe,removal of the pipe and see if it would weld back,or if your car is pre 05 and a euro3 engine is to blank the pipe off all together with a metal plate.
A new pipe is a long drive and 85 before VAT, so I can't afford that

Not sure we have the welding equipment here, but I'll have a look.

not sure if my engine is euro 3 or 4, It's pre 05 though and the EGR is at the front, if that helps? the EGR has already been disconnected, before I got the car.

The pipe is still in use though, and even if I blank it off at the EGR end it will still pop out and splurge black crap. I could bung it up I guess?
If your not buying the proper part then a bodge is the only answer.
Jubillee clips and rubber pipe plus some ally pipe as a ridged joiner to clamp the pipes to.
I thought about silicon intercooler pipe and ally joiners from Rally Design, Demon Tweeks, Car Builder Solutions or even eBay.
Whacked a few tack welds onto it and that's seen me home again, Just going to do away with that pipe entirely and blank off both holes, EGR is a pain.

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