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Full Version: Smoking Diesel...
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Hi all,

My 02 reg TDDI focus is noticably a lot more smoky than usual. I have noticed people backing off if I'm pushing her up a hill. I know diesels are commonly smoky but its doing my head in.

I have serviced the car and for the last 8 tanks or so i ahve used Redex, but its not any better.

So.. from what i ahve read, its either the EGR valve or worn injectors. Looking in the area of my EGR valve, I notice a lot of crap deposited, certainly more than anywhere else under the bonnet. is this normal?

The second question is with regards to how difficult injector replacement is? Is this the kind of job average joe can do?

I would try cleaning the EGR valve being smokey and anyway down on power. Do a search on youtube for 'egr valve cleaning' or 'wynns egr3'. There is a french vid clip showing what's involved. Hope this helps.
also check for split pipes around the egr valve
I have seen that EGR video before and was put off after reading the comments on Youtube. Is it safe? has anyone here tried it?

Also how can I rule out the injectors? is there an easy way of diagnosing if they are worn?

sounds like the cats blocked and needs to be replaced..
A can of egr cleaner is cheaper than a new cat. Do a bit of research into it for yourself first if your unsure about cleaning the egr.
Thanks H3lly, I have ordered some EGR cleaner and will give it a go.

alz - I hadn't considered the cat, good point I'll look into it, but I haven't noticed a major loss in performance that a blocked cat might give however I have noticed a loss in MPG.

I took the pipes off today to check for splits but couldn't see any. The pipes were lined with wet black oily crud.

Looking at the pipes, I was wondering what direction the egr valve works in... do the exhaust gases flow from the back of the engine to the air intake at the front?? The reason I ask is because the EGR valve would be a bugger to remove if I were to blank it, but it would be easy to block that pipe coming to the front.

Thanks guys
Just took the car out for a spin and noticed a rustling leaves air kind of sound. I opened the window and it was louder. I dont usually have the radio off so I dont actually know if this noise existed before! I'm going to check that the hoses re tight, but if they are would this possibly indicate that alz was correct and the catalytic converter is gone?
The weird air noise turned out to be a loose intercooler hose that some idiot forgot to tighten :rolleyes:

I'll try the EGR cleaner when it arrives and let you know how it goes
OK well I thought the EGR cleaner ahd done the trick, the first day after it was great... but then it all returned. I have since fully servied the car (last one was 10k ago), replaced the fuel filter, air filter, oil filter and put Castrol Magnatec 5w-40 A1 in it as always. At the same time I gave the EGR another clean wynns clean.

With the nights getting dark I am really noticing the smoke now, I accelerated off a round about in 3rd the other night and engulfed the car behind me, highly embrassing.

The car idles fine, perfectly on 1k, the average tank full gets me 500 miles before the light comes on (not as good as it used to be).

So what could be wrong??

A friend reckons its the injectors, but before I spend some hard earned dosh on replacing them I want to know what else I can do to confirm the diagnosis.

Dont think it would be injectors, could be the DPF if equipped, or has been said the cat! what colour was the smoke? black? if so its either unburnt fuel or too much soot!

The injectors are less likely to be the issue but thats not to say rule it out by any means!

what fuel do you use? and did you change the cat?

Do you notice a drop or increase in power?

Does any of the above happen at more revs or less?
Thansk for the reply jeebowhite, I really am keen to sort this out.

I havent changed the cat... I looked up the symptoms and didn't feel mine quite met them. I certainly can still drive the car normally, there may be a slight drop in power but to be honest its happened over a period of time that has meant I can't remember exactly how well it used to perform! I gave the cat a tap and didn't notice any rattle (not sure how hard I need to hit it to hear damage?). I asked my wife to drive behind me and she didn't report a smell - but I hadn't asked her to pay attention for one. Would I be able to smell the suplhurous smell sitting idle if I get behind the car?

I think the smoke is black... in the dark I can't say, I just see the lit up cloud behind me.

I have always used BP or shell fuel, not the expensive stuff, but still not the cheap supermarket stuff.

It only happens on high revs, any gear. I notice it more in the lower gears but I think thats because it is concentrated in one spot and not over several meters.

I'm happy to change the cat if thats the issue, but not being sure makes me hesitate to spend the money.

Thanks again
If you do change the cat it will cost you round kiwk-fit. look towards 400 if the rest of the exhaust needs to be changed...

safe bet if you dont know dont throw money at it! we all learned the hard way so feel free to take that advice for free!

could you not decat the car for a few hours to test it? and just see if there is any improvement? that might help to prove you do or do not need to replace it.

All I can think is that the black is soot and the soot is stored somewhere... do you know if you have the dreaded DPF for definite?

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