Just looking for some advice.

I crashed my (MK1) Focus a few weeks back due to severe weather conditions.

I had to replace the bonnet, bumper, wings, headlights, cross member & slam panel. It's my first Focus and only had it a short period of time. I spent most of the day replacing the cross member, wings, bonnet and slam panel which I got off local breakers.

I was waiting on the headlights to come so I put the bonnet on and without thinking and forgetting about the key bonnet lock I closed the bonnet on the (2nd hand) slam panel which has a bonnet lock in it (which I dont have the key for and the breaker doesnt have) and now I can't open the bonnet lock (DOH!).

The bumper and headlights are not in the car currently so I'm wondering if there is an easy way to pop the bonnet open without the key?

Thanks in advance.