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Full Version: Tdci 1.8 & Wynns Egr Cleaner
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Alrightly fellas.

So got this stuff ready to use, along with BG244 - after i done a bit of a mini service (fuel/air filters and oil change etc)

Remember discussing this previously (for the life of me cannot find the thread and when i check the "your posts" section under my account section it only shows like the last 6 or so only :blink: ) and one of you regulars (possibly John or Lenny???) had used this and offered to post up a pic to show were exactly to spray the contents into.

Wondered if you could do this for us still if possible as looking on the wynns site they suggust 2 or 3 areas dependant on what you aiming to clean the most??!!

Quote -

Remove flexible hose in the air intake system:
a) Situated between the turbocharger/intercooler and the air intake manifold (cleaning of air
intake manifold and inlet valves) OR
B) Before turbo charger (cleaning of air intake system before turbo charger) OR
c) Before EGR valve (cleaning EGR valve), depending on which part you want to clean.

Obviously i was hoping to clean as much as possible but main aim is the egr valve. Was considering taking it off to clean but after receiving my haynes manual and finding out i need to remove the turbo, Cat, EGR cooler, door handles and the cars interia (LOL) i thought better of it. I would do this if the car was bad but its not so just want to give it quick clear to prevent future problems and reduce the smoke.

H3lly don't mind the frog speak, the vid speaks a thousand words :).
Can't see the vid at work but if its the one i think its a mk 1 and mines the mark 2 - and pretty sure its different - sure there is no intercooler box at front of engine like that and no pipes on left side of engine??

the intercooler is in front of the rad, there is a 2" metal pipe on the cam belt side, should have a sensor on it, remove the pipe from the unit at the top back of the engine, turn on the car only, on tick over, and spray a little at a time in to the unit, when done replace pipe and conect the sensor.

in this pic of my car the pipe is under the cover marked in red.

Cheers Alan :)
Right going to use this next weekend when i got some more time, but want to double check were i need to spray the cleaner for best EGR results (wynns site is confusing!!)

Is the place i need to spray into


or should it be here


I assume this one would be better suited to cleaning out the inlet manifold and inlet valves??

Could i do both - would it be worth while?? Might buy another can if it is.
I sprayed mine all in where you are pointing in picture 1, because it was closest to the egr valve. :)
Photo 1 Barry, no need to do it on the air filter side, don't damage the rubber pipe, it only comes with the metal part, costing 40 from a ford outlet, best if you take it off in one peace, it will only take a minute.
hey barry, sorry to take so long to reply. was out in blackpool...cant remember what happened like :lol:

picture 1 is the perfect place...i always spray my wynns into there.
Cheers fellas. Always nice to get confirmation first - last thing i wanted to do was blast it into the turbo or something and screw it up LOL.

Cheers for the heads up on the pipe alz - i was just going to move it to the side - but better safe than sorry.

Once i've done this (sticking in some BG244 as well) i'll report back on improvements if any.
Got around to doing the Wynns EGR cleaner today - And must say it has made a noticable difference to the car.

Took about 20 minutes to do, got a nice exhaust mark on the drive now but that kick out of shit only occured on the first 2 or 3 sprays - nowt else after that!!

Joining the motorway at higher revs 3k+ in always felt sluggish and sometimes it was hesitant too - now it flys up there and feels better at the lower rev range as well - Took it for a Italian Boot or whatever it is called too kick out the crap - must say still see smoke when floored (only in dark with headlights behind u) but its a hell of a lot less now and having no DPF i expect some anyway. Expect it will feel even better after a few 20 miles trips.

Used the BG244 as well - not entirely sure how that is going - properly not much as the car had a new injector unit 20 mths ago or so, so properly not needed although the predicted total mileage to the tank has increased (well it had until my 20 min booting the motor to the red line LOL - still even abused like that it only dropped to 46mpg :o)

Might be over kill but i must do another EGR spray treatment in a mths time to give it another clean - or is that overkill???
i would do it with every service mate, thats when i do mine...aswell as changing the fuel filter.
would something like carb cleaner do the same thing?
Hi Guys,

very useful information, however i need a bit cleared up, i have just spent 500 notes on a Inlet manifold and EGR Valve as it was all glogged up, and the car wouldnt tick over.
my car a 2003 1.8 TDCI Mk1.5, i want to keep on top of cleaning the EGR Valve but looking at the above threads it all relates to a newer focus and the old TDDI engine.

How do i go about cleaning the EGR Valve on mine?

Any help would be apreciated.


Newer focus but a TDDI engine - no such thing LOL :P

Well it shouldn't clog up that much - just a accumlation over time - Suppose you could you the Wynns cleaner once a year as part of your service routine.

If yours is the TDCI then it properly is in the same place as shown above - that video linked in post 2 by someone is a mark 1/1.5 focus as well - not sure if that was a TDDI or TDCI though but its pretty much the same place.

do you spray into that pipe whilst the car is running?

Yes. Did mine last week. Noticeable difference after.

I would recommend everyone do this cost about £10 for Wynns EGR3 cleaner and its made a massive differance!


Acceleration in 1st and 2nd is quick and the MPG gains are pretty good!


cruising at 70 this morning and the readout was between 69-75MPG compared to 55-65MPG beforehand


Sorry to resurrect this thread but I (think) I need to clean my EGR (systems fault message, loss of power, sluggish idle etc etc) I have some Wynn's cleaner so plan on trying this tomorrow. Do I take the 90 degree pipe off, the run the engine while spraying the cleaner directly in?


Sorry to resurrect this thread but I (think) I need to clean my EGR (systems fault message, loss of power, sluggish idle etc etc) I have some Wynn's cleaner so plan on trying this tomorrow. Do I take the 90 degree pipe off, the run the engine while spraying the cleaner directly in?


yes thats all you need to do.


if you havent already, i suggest blanking the egr off using a blanking plate. plenty of guides here how to do that

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