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Full Version: Focus Mk 1.5 1.8 Tdci 115Bhp
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Hi Folks,

I am in need of some advice,

Last Tuesday 10.30 AM car started fine no issues, parked it back on the drive around 3pm, i wanted to go out around 8pm and the car would not start for love or money. it goes to start however it would not turn over, the starter motor is going and going, i thought it would be a glow plug issue due to the temp dropping quite low, so i depressed the gas to the floor and still no luck, there is a trickle of white smoke coming from the back of the exhaust which would tell me fuel is going through the engine.

I had it recovered to a mechanic and he has said it is "fuel pressure related"

fuel pump/ fuel regulator.

i dont understand how it can go from working in perfect order hours before, and then this.

Any one have any ideas? Im stressed to the max with this....!

if these are not working is it a simple fix or not? any ideas what could of caused this?
the car was working fine with no issues previously... gggrrr

Any help would be appreciated.


Fuel pumps sometimes just fail like this, with no advance symptoms.
I had a Xsara HDI and the same thing happened to me.
Drove to work, everything was fine. Tried to drive home and the engine would just turn over an over.
The AA came and tried all sorts - including injecting Easy Start into the engine, which made it run for 2 seconds - but a code reader confirmed the fuel pump had gone. This was confirmed by putting a multimeter on all parts of the wiring, relays, and the pump itself.
Repair cost 300 :-(
just as Dave says, there is a test that you can do to find out if it is the pump, you need a can of easy start, disconect one of the intercooler pipes, at the intercooler and spray the easy start in to the pipe, have someone start your car when you do this, if the car starts, then its the injector pump, you will have to replace it. a replacement part from ford will cost you about £600.

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