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Full Version: Small Issues With New Focus
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Hey guys, bit of advice needed please.

Basically I purchased a Focus about 8 weeks ago. It was a 2011 new style focus that was an ex demonstrator with about 4000 miles on it. All in all I am very happy with it but there are a couple of issues I am looking for advice on.

Firstly, when I picked it up and got home I realised that there was no manual or service log book in the car.

Secondly on the chrome under the rear windows I noticed what looks like stains from a wax or other cleaning product. It was as if it has been waxed and not cleaned off. The marking are only on the thin chrome strip. It was raining when I got the car and I just never noticed in the rain, although looking back I should have more thoroughly inspected the car before driving away.

When I got up the road I gave the salesman I was dealing with a phone, he sounded genuinely surprised by both issues. Told me that he would order me a manual/service book and then would get someone from valet to look at markings. I happened to drive by past a couple of days later and stopped in to show him, he had a look and said that when the manual arrived he would have someone see what they could do to fix it.

Suffice to say here we are 8 weeks later and I have heard nothing. I tried rubbing the marks out myself using wax remover but it didn't make any difference whatsoever.

I have left the salesman about 8 messages now so I guess I'm being ignored until I go away. The guy could have had another sale from my GF as well until this.

Do you think phone the dealerships manager would wield any results?
Also how easy is a service book to come by? It will be due a service in February. Finally anyone have any ideas about marks on the chrome?

Finally... is anyone having issues with ios5 for their iphone and their bluetooth connection? Thats now no longer working as well after the apple update.

Sorry to be a bit long winded guys :)
welcome to the world of ford dealerships,try ford customer services on 0845 841 1111.
[quote name='mintalkin' timestamp='1319570584' post='149957']
welcome to the world of ford dealerships,try ford customer services on 0845 841 1111.

I would also call your dealership and request to speak to the sales manager, and inform him, and also the dealership management. I would also take a written letter of complaint with your queries, stating you are being ignored, and hand it over at the counter. Specify in that letter that failure for them to reply will result in you considering returning the vehicle due to not being satisfied with the service.

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