Hi all,

I am Dan, recently purchased a Mondeo MK2 '97 1.6 engine, my first car.

So the thing is that the indicator for the temp in the dash does not work, the needle stays on the left side at all times.
From the auto parts website I saw that there are 2 water temp sensors available, one costs ~ 9 eur and the other like 20 eur. The thread on those is different. I have purchased them both.

So now I found out that one of them has to do with the indicator in the dash and the other one sends info to the car brain. I have tested the one that is easily accessable and the resistance grows as the water temp decreases, so I am assuming that this one works just fine.

So what I now need is to find out where the other sensor is located and how can I find out if it is the sensor fault or the indicator fault... I guess I can again measure the resistance of this one to see if it works or not and as for the dial indicator in the dash, not sure how to troubleshoot that one... Do I have to connect the pins that come from the sensor toghether and then ground them and turn ignition on?

Any help is greately appreciated.