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Full Version: Guide To Fitting Door Handle Smd Led's Mk2.5
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Just a quick update, managed to connect the logo lights to the door lock, there is 5 black wires running to the door lock. 3 thick ones and 2 thin ones, connected ground to one of the thick ones and positive to one of the thin ones (having the multimeter at hand did help). Only thing in not that happy about is the logo lights themself, they aren't that bright :(. Big thanks to you Paul for pointing me in the right direction!
Glad i could help.
Any pictures of the logo ligyts there was alot of interest in them on here
Ok I will stick a couple or so later on when it's dark and I've got back home.
[quote name='SkinnyB' timestamp='1351850011' post='214905']
Ok I will stick a couple or so later on when it's dark and I've got back home.

Any update on photos or a guide?

Right there is a pic of the logo lights. couldnt upload any earlier as my laptop was having a funny five minutes. they look alright in that picture but i had to take the picture when it was really dark so that my camera could pick them up.
i have to admit i didnt like them that much when i first put them in but they have started to grow on me now, even my missus made a comment about them (by that i mean she actually said "oh, i see you put your lights in") considering the amount of mods ive done since i got the car since i got it she has NEVER commented on anything. Ok maybe she made passing remarks on a couple of occasions, maybe thats why i have started to like them :o
let me know if you want me to do a guide on it, its pretty straight forward but im happy to do one if its going to help anyone :D

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