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Full Version: Missing Items From Menu Behind The Steering Wheel
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Miriam Hobbs

I drive an S-Max 08 plate which has 7000 miles on the clock. I've had it a week. Everything was working fine up until yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon, I noticed that there were items missing from the menu in the display behind the steering wheel. The only options on this menu are 'Trip computer' and 'Settings'. All media functions are not listed, (cd, radio, phone and aux). Previously all of these were options in the menu and I could scroll through them with the steering wheel buttons.

The radio thinks it is working fine and I can swap between these media functions using the switches next to the radio, although they do not play and no sound comes out. My phone connects to the bluetooth fine, and the radio displys, 'blackberry 9300 ready' and when I make a call, the handset believes itself to be connect and I can't hear anything through the handset, however, still no sound as the car isn't transferring this to the speakers.

The scrolling buttons on the wheel are working fine and I can toggle between 'trip computer' and all its sub-menus and 'settings' and its sub-menus, but no other options exist. The cruise control works fine also.

I have checked the sound is turned up. I have turned the car on and off, left it over night, turned it on again, turned the radio on and off and gone through basic problems solving solutions that usually work, but it still seems to have its knickers in a twist.

Before I disconnect the battery and set it all up again, I wondered if anyone could tell me if there is something very simple that could have caused this and how I can fix it.

I'm booked in in a week to take it back to the garage, but no choons in the car for that length of time is a sad commute to work.

Any help gratefully appreciated.

p.s other than this, I'm loving my S-Max.
What head unit do you have?
It sounds like you need a software update to the radio to cure the crashing issue. If you have one of the NAV units you can download the software and apply this yourself, but if you have one of the Visteon or Sony units, you will need to get it to a dealer to apply an update.

In the meantime, you can reset the system by pulling the radio fuse & re-inserting it. It is one of the fuses on the panel in the passenger footwell. It's no solution but it's easier than disconnecting & reconnecting the main car battery.

Hi Miriam.


Did you ever get this resolved as I have the same issue in my 58 reg SMAX?


take a look on the ford etis site iirc it may tell you if your car may have anything outstanding.???

I think you could try a HU hard reset...

Did you resolve this problem with missing menu items?


I have the same issue with my S-Max 2.0 TDCI with Sony stereo :(



When the car is switched off overnight the missing items appears again :) 



I have the same issue as this and would really be interested to know if there is a DIY issue on the Sony head unit - or will Ford do it for free (snigger)....





Pull and reinsert the fuses for radio & dashboard. Should reset the systems and return your missing items.

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