Recently had our 1.4 Focus CL in for a service and asked them to look at the exhaust at the same time because you could tell from the note there was a hole in it somewhere.

Now it turns out that the mounting bar on the catalytic converter has failed and as a result has caused the flexible hose on the exhaust manifold to split too. As a result both the manifold and catalytic converter need replacing.

Was quoted £360 (parts, labour and VAT) by the garage to do this. This was way too much considering we are considering getting a new car in the next year or so.

I'm pretty handy, so got my Haynes out and think I will have a go doing it myself. I've found the parts on Cats 2 U for a total of £150 (inc gaskets). From what I can gather these are BM parts.

Has anyone used them before? and anything I should look out for?

Cheers in advance.