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Full Version: Turbo Whiste
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young fez
hi there i have a whistle coming from my turbo,i have take yhe car to a garage to be checked out they said there was a bit of plat in the shaft but that was normal but i am not convinced.they told me to check all the pipes in and out of the turbo,car drive fine but has lost a wee bit of power but not enough to say the turbo has gone.any help would be great.
young fez
sorry about the spelling guys, my car is a focus mk2 1.6 tdci 06 plate.
Without sounding more dumb than iam but what is plat

Does it derive from using veg oil instead of diesel

There needs to be a small ammount of Play in the shaft , i would be looking for a split hose or seal.I was once told that when wife had a Peugeot 1.4 turbo diesel had bad knocking , they advised me that the turbo had gone , i searched all other options Then i brought a new turbo and fitted it ,:( It wasn't the turbo at all it was a seal on the inlet side of things , 350 .They said it had failed because of too much play , the brand new replacement was exactly the same play in it. Always get a second opinion
young fez
hi jamie i should have put a tw before the at for people who never read my second post before replying. :angry:
WOW - now thats a grown up response!!!!

Seriously dude, take a chilli pill - reading your post im like whats plat?? Now i assume that Preee guessed you meant "play" but i wouldn't of guessed that and guess neither did Jamie.

Good luck getting advice and help with that attitude!!!
young fez
ok barry cheers for the reply i was out of order but at the time i was fuming after reading jamies post.sorry jamie for that reply.
Good man B)

This a constant whistle, not just the whistle/whine it does when it kicks in or whines down??

No expert in turbos (not got a clue where it even is LOL) but i would guess like what Preee said there maybe a slight split in a pipe or something - have a really good look if you can - expect if there is a little split that it ain't going to be easy to spot either - guess its sucking in air causing the whistling sound.

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