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Full Version: Fitting Front Fogs To My Mk6 Van
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I wish to add front fogs to my escort van and was wondeing if the wiring loom for these will already be there. Is it a case of fit them to the bumper plug them in at both ends (lights and switch).

Some are there taped up but i think most are not.

You would have to add the loom and connect to your fuse box, but the main problem being most vans fusebox's are not high enough spec so you would have to get one from a higher specc'd model
The wireing was there on the early Focus,s and just required the lamps, switch and replacement grill. Cant say with the Escort, especially a van.
To be honest it is quite a good spec. It has heated front and rear windows, elec windows, elec mirrors all factory fitted. It is the td model 75 model.

theres no way to check unless u take the bumper off or manage to take the fog light button out if there are spare plugs in that location ur fine just a case of adding mk6 fogd front bumper, fuse and the right switch for front and rear fogs and [color=#afeeee]ye shall have light[/color].

if not its a case of hard wiring the lights on a separate circuit with a 20a inline fuse and either use the proper fog switch or get a [color=#ffd700]illuminated[/color] switch and stick it in the dash sum where . the trouble ul have is finding a way to run the wires on a van i spent nearly a hr faffing with a coat hanger trying to follow the wiring loom out to the driver side foot well 3" rubber bung which is a night mare to get back in ,not much space and your blind here all done by feel) through to the inside of the wing then up to the engine bay . hope thats a help!!

my reversing light engager on the gearbox went so iv hard wired the reversing lights with a illuminated toggle switch (its a big 1) to remind me if iv left it on when i set off forward lol.. good thing with this iv found is if ur loading or rescuing sum one its ideal pluss iv got the 24led bulbs its like 2 white work lamps lol..

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