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Full Version: Rear Heated Window Failure
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The bottom right hand side of my heated rear window is not working. I noticed it the other day. While inspecting this I removed the dealerships sticker that is in the same section.

My GF has now made a good point that the dealership may turn round and say that I damaged it when removing the sticker and not fix it under warranty. Is this the case? And if so what should I say?

Cheers in advance guys
There is no way that you removing a sticker (unless it says "do not remove") would affect your warranty.

The heating elements are embedded in the glass, they cannot be bare, and as such cannot be on the top or bottom of the glass and reached by your hands, as such the sticker should not be holding them together, or being the cause of the functionality.

You have every right to remove "clutter" from your windscreen, and if your dealer accuses you of damaging it, by removing the sticker, you should make that a formal complaint and get it investigated properly, and also ask why this has breached your warranty. there are no reasons that should be the case :)
Cheers mate! I thought so, going to take it round today but I expect an argument.

Just to confirm its my rear window not the windscreen, the copper wires to do appear embedded in the glass....

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