Hi, I've got a 2011 S-Max with the premium audio system and have connected my iPod via the official Ford Y-cable. All works great, however I have several hundred different artists on my iPod. For approx the first 100 in the Artists list (never counted exactly) the menu works fine, I can browse down through each artist, then scroll to the right to see all albums by them. For the later artists in the list though when you scroll to the right it chooses some completely random album by another artist earlier in the list! If you press select on the artist as opposed to scrolling to the right, it starts playing songs from the first album by that artist - but no way to get to subsequent albums. Anyone else have this problem? Its an old-ish iPod, 60GB, but the software is up to date. I've tried my iPhone 4G and that works fine, but doesn't have anywhere near the number of artists on it that the iPod does so I wouldnt' expect to see the problem. Thanks in advance.