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Full Version: Mk3 Tdci Start Up Issues
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clueless chancer
I have a 2005 mk3 Tdci 130 which is having some intermittent difficulties starting. The engine will turn over once or twice, then stop dead, as though the battery is flat. Let go of the key and try again, and get the same result. Sometimes it will fire, run for a few seconds then cut out. Other times it will fire up after a few of these attempts then run very poorly with lots of white (ish) smoke.

Only getting around 45mpg on combination of motorway and semi urban, used to get more but is slowly creeping down.

Where do I start?

Any suggestions or opinions are more than appreciated.
i would start by getting the battery and alternator checked,if the car stops turning over it sound like a dodgy battery.
clueless chancer
Thanks for the response mintalkin.

I've had the battery and alternator checked out, and both are fine. Battery is showing 70% charge and 12.7volts.
The problem is now getting more regular, perhaps due to the onset of colder weather. I have also noticed that the mpg continues to fall.

I'm thinking of changing the glow plugs next.

Once again, any thoughts? Anyone out there had the same issue?
clueless chancer

The problem has worsened significantly over the last few days, and culminated in the car failing to start completely.
The starter motor now spins freely but will not engage, so can't start the engine unless bump starting it.
Had RAC out to it, verdict is that is almost definitely the dual mass flywheel.
It is now in the garage for repair.

As the starter was turning the engine over, then stopping dead, I imagine the DMF has fallen to pieces and eventually killed the starter motor.

Smoking issues were probably unrelated in hindsight.
clueless chancer
Car is now done.

New DMF, clutch kit, starter motor and the labour involved came to 996.12.

Local independant garage suggested a single mass flywheel conversion, but then realised this isn't available for the 6 speed box.

Sounds much better now, and idle is smoother.
Got the same problem with my 04 mondeo 2.0 tddi. Got starter motor done for 135, garage quoted me 600 for clutch and flywheel to be done after xmas
Hi everyone, my name is Mark. i've been reading all the topics on this forum and like the rest of you i've had all the nasty things go wrong with my mondeo mk3 tdci. I perchashed my car just over 19 months ago. In the first month the glow plug came on and went into limp mode, as this is the first car i've had with engine management panic set in, i phoned round every garage and they said all different things could be wrong. anyway to cut a long stoy short i got the car down to a diesel engine management garage (m & b fuel in Eastleigh) they have been a really good bunch of guys. the first thing to go was injector no 1. £205 fitted and all ok again. 4 months later the next one went, slightly more this time do to vat going up. all was ok last year till around october when i jumped in the car started it and i had to go back indoors to get something, when i came back out the most awful noise was coming from under the bonnet. this turned out to be the DMF. i kept the car going and got this done at MR CLUTCH. All in for £736. car sounds great now till this thursday and guess what the dredded glow plug light again. car booked in to the garage i mentioned above. i dont think i'm having anyother problems than anyone else, but it's just had it's first DMF and 2 injectors and the car is just about to see 200.000 miles. keep you posted on whet the garage find i'm hoping it's just another injector as they are still the ones first fitted to the car when built in 02.
iv got 54 plate 2L tdci and had same problems with injectors the first 3 went 1wk then the 4th the next cost me £840 + £150 for fule pump checked but well worth it now i think my clutch is on its way out as its biting pretty low and when i change gear mainly from cold i hear and feel a sqeek coming through my clutch amd mr clutch hav quoted me £220 for a new 1 so think all get it booked in

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