My Dad has a 2002 Focus 1.8LX. This car definitely does not have Traction Control or ESP. However for the last week the Traction Control light has been flickering intermittently (& erratically) for the first couple of miles following a cold start.

Everything - including the rest of the dashboard - is working perfectly.

Normally when switching on the ignition the TC light doesn't illuminate at all (unlike the other warning lamps which come on then go out when the engine's started). However, now, after the engine has run for about 15 seconds from cold the TC light starts to flicker erratically. If I switch off the engine then switch the ignition back on the TC lamp will then continue to flicker - despite the car being stationery with the engine stopped.

After about 10 minutes of driving the problem goes away & is then OK for the rest of the day, even if I leave the car for a few hours then re-start there's no problem - this just occurs on the first cold start of the day.

Any ideas, please?