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Full Version: Help Needed With Duel Mass Flywheel
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can you help ........i have got a mondeo 2.0 lx petrol mk3 and the cluch has started to slip so i have call mr clutch to get a price anyway thay told me that the DMF could be gone on it well iv done a little homework on this and every were i go on the net shows it makeing noises well my car starts fine sounds fine EG no noises gos in to gear fine but the clutch pedel is right at the top dos it sound like i should get the dmf done or is mr cluch trying to get £800 out of me......... your help will be most welcome ................luke :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh: [i][/i]
as they say it could be gone but if there is non of the warning signs, if it ain't broke don't fix it.
Take it somewhere else for a 2nd opinion?
I would say get a different garage to check it, in fact - something I read recently - take your car to the nearest "council MOT centre" - they are not authorised to do repairs on the publics cars however they can perform the likes of MOT tests. Because they cant fix it if they find anything, they are the most impartial you can get! so have a look and see if you have a centre locally that you can pop in and see!

because your clutch is high, I would say its more likely the clutch that needs replacing, entirely dependant on the mileage you have done, and how much of a hard life your car has lived. the DMF though is purely a vibration counteraction, so for example you have two offset flywheels. The best Way to describe it is like two squares.. One square laying flat, and the other square laying like a diamond on top of it. because you have two they kind of balance each other and make it a smoother operation flowing round and round, whereas if you had just the one square, it would have been a little more 'choppy'?

the evidence that the DMF is going is when you get a really noisy rattle, for example when you put the clutch down, if your not getting any particular noises or unnecessary vibrations then I suspect its more just the clutch plates that need replacing...
thanks very much jeebowhite that is very helpfull i just thought it was just the cluch.the car has done 140.000 but it was a rep car and has service up to 105.000 in the ford book but no info on what has been done to the car but thanks alot and i think uthers will fine this helpfull
:D :D
Well, I will wait until you get it double checked by a garage and they confirm that my thinking is right! then I will be a little more comfortable! lol.

As I say, check out with another garage, just to be on the safe side, and see if they back up the logic :)

Or of course, if your good with a spanner... you may be able to buy one cheap and replace it yourself?
today it got worse it now slips in 2/3/4/5 under power so i went to see a mate and he has said the dmf is ok and its the clutch he bled it to see if that will sort the prob for now but no so hes going to do it for 100 + 80 for the clutch ..not bad a :)
thanks all for you help my pocket started to crap its self lol
LOL, well I do hope that the clutch resolves it... And (as my definition of the DMF was based purely on my understanding!) it would be interesting to see whether its true or a bunch of hooey!
[quote name='jeebowhite' timestamp='1321285993' post='152572']
LOL, well I do hope that the clutch resolves it... And (as my definition of the DMF was based purely on my understanding!) it would be interesting to see whether its true or a bunch of hooey!
my friends has told me that when you change the clutch you have to chaing the thrust berring is this true ? p.s remember i have no nosies comeing from the gearboxand when the cluch is in or out
Its best to change the CTB - primarily because if it fails a few thousand miles later, you then have to strip out the clutch and then the bearing...

Its not a case of essential, however it will save you money and hassle downn the line... Plus do you want an old word down baring with a shiny new clutch?

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