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Full Version: Focus 1.8 Turbo Diesel Black Smoke
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hi all i dunno if anyone can help me i got an 02 focus turbo diesel when i put my foot down a bit
i get a lot of black smoke i mean blacking out both sides of the road its like this in 1st 2nd and 3rd
slightly gettin better trough the gears 4th gear seems to have little or no smoke i do get a bit of black smoke sometimes on start up but not all the time as anyone got any ideas


ps if you need any more info let me know and i'll give you whatever i can
it could be a sticking egr valve or a split rubber hose, check all the hoses and the egr can be removed and cleaned.
ok mate cheers will try that any proper way of cleaning the egr valve
Get some bg244 mine is doing that this stuff totally cleans all of the crap read their web site I have ordered some.
OK it been a little bit since i last commented on my smoke problem tried cleaning the egr valve but no good
been trying a few things still no good but i have noticed something that might shed some light on the subject
while running i place my hand over the back of the exhaust pipe letting a bit of pressure build up behind my hand
then removing my hand as i remove it puff of black smoke or soot comes out coats my entire hand in black soot this
is a decent amount of smoke and its jet black does this lead to anything
Maybe a boost leak... check all your pipework around your intercooler and turbo. could also be blocked air filter, blocked intercooler...

Black smoke tends to suggest overfuelling...

Is the car using oil??
the inter-cooler should be fine cause i had it refurbed 2 month ago the air filter wasn't blocked last time i looked
it was OK and i checked the oil that seems fine but will do this again 2morra to be sure i did check the pipework
for leaks but could of mist one so to be safe I'll check the pipe work as well i think the car is over fueling myself
a guy at work told me on some focus diesels they an adjustable fuel pump if that's true could that cause the problem
and how would i identify it form a non adjustable pump

Hi have you checked the MAP (manifold absolute pressure) senor, it on bulkhead it conected to the EGR with a thin pipe. it will cost about 106 from ford, but you can get one off e-bay for 50

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