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Full Version: Pcv Valve Location
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Could anyone tell me where the PCV valve is in a 2002 Focus Ghia Petrol 2.0l?
Perhaps with a picture?
Try this video on YouTube ... [url=""]<< Link >>[/url] ... might point you in the right direction
Thanks, shame it's American LH drive in the vid, and he cant keep the hell still!!

Just taken a couple of pics of underneath in the area where the Haynes manual suggests. Can anyone see it?...
[url=""]Pic 1[/url]
[url=""]Pic 2[/url]

Also, on the first pic I have a leak that looks like it's coming from the big hose with the circlip... what is this hose??

Thanks in advance!
The hose is one of the coolant hoses. Looks like it goes to the thermostat housing. The leak looks like oil rather than coolant, but that may just be the picture. The hose looks ok, so if leak is coolant, it could be the thermostat housing itself that is leaking as they warp after a time.
Found and cleaned up [url=""]this[/url] today with degreaser which I assume is the PCV valve?
Out of interest I decided to reset my MPG meter afterwards, and was amazed to average 35.8 MPG driving slowly/idling through Norwich city centre!! Normally I get 30 ish combined, 40 motorway, and about 28 or so after doing short runs/city driving. Wondering if this is a fluke or the shape of things to come for my car!

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