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Full Version: Mk3 Mondeo Slight Prob
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Hi all im now the owner of a mk3 mondeo saloon & its suddenly developed a slight misfire under acceleration.Its usually when pulling away from a rolling start in 2nd it kangaroos then if you take your foot of the accelerator it stops but ive noticed from cold its also doing it in 1st.If you gently tickle the throttle its not too bad but its still there.May i add this isnt every time its occasionally but frequent enough to warrant investigation.Please help as it doing my head in cheers all.
ive just read the post by 12356 and ill try what it says on there but would dodgy plugs or ht leads cause this at low revs only as it runs perfect after the splutter
could be the leads bracking down mabe a breather pipe split its about elimination
im not sure what could cause it so im not sure where to start eliminating
would u opt for plugs,leads,hoses,or other way round its cheaper
I would change the leads and plugs anyway as they may never have been done. I always change them when I buy a second hand car with over 50k miles on. Also check your air filter is clean.

It is most likely to be the leads breaking down as peanut1 said. There is more load on these when at low revs than at higher revs and therefore more chance to miss.
its got every dealer stamp upto last years so ill check pllugs and leads tomorrow cheers
Fit a coil pack first before you do anything. 4 torx screws, 4 plug connectors, 15 mins job tops. It's a very common problem on most cars in perticular Ford. Hundreds of them for sale on ebay. Cheers

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