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Full Version: 1.8 Petrol Engine Cutting Out
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I have a 1.8 petrol ford focus on a 59 2010 plate. when i start the car up the rev's idle very low then picks up. When i get to the end of my street and dip the cluth the engine cuts out and i have to restart the car again. does anyone know why this is or any solutions

many thanks

Could be IACV (idle air valve) related or maybe there is a vaccum leak from the PCV (positive crank shaft tubing / valve). Are there any warning lights?
no warning lights, and it only does it one then when i leave over night to go cold it does it again?

Hi Biggsy

Check the Battery Voltage at rest and when running.

Had a simiar fault with my fiesta. Turned out to be a failed plate in the battery which meant that the alternator was on full output constantly to keep the battery charged.

As said get battery checked. Most motor factors will have a tester to do this. Also check for corrosion on the battery terminals.

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