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Full Version: Face Plate For Single-Din Stereo
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I have a 2006 Mk2 Focus, with the square, grey 6000CD stereo. While its possibly to connect an iPod via the AUX port, this would be via the 3.5mm headphone socket and would not allow me to control the iPod via the head unit

So I'd like to install a Kenwood that I already have, which gives full iPod control and can also be linked to the steering column remote

However the Kenwood is single-DIN, so I'll need a faceplate adaptor to fill the gap

I've looked online and there are a few options at a variety of prices, but I'd like something that doesn't look too 'aftermarket' or tatty, so pics of yours would be appreciated if you've already done this.

Also, can anybody suggest the correct adaptor to allow me to use the stalk controls to skip track etc.

Will Clark IOM
Hello mate, the adaptor I put in my 07 focus was the outlet on top for the head unit and a storage shelf on the bottom, have to admit was nothing special but at the same time it's ok, as for you'r wiring IOS if you look around all you need is the model of the car and age due to all after market head units having the same pin layout at the back, I didn't have mine set-up with the stalk so I can't help you with that but you can have the adaptor if you like I'll post a picture tomorrow after work when I'm on computer all be needed to sort out is p&p if you like it.
Thanks very much, pics would be great before I make a decision.

Although I have a head unit ready to fit, I'm toying with the idea of getting a new double-din unit. Obviously using my existing one would be the cheaper option, but I want to see how it looks first.
Will Clark IOM
Hello mate, sorry its a day late but here you go, a double din dose look better i never had one mate did and looked better due to it taking up the whole space and didn't look to after market.
Thanks very much for the pictures, I appreciate it a lot.

The face plate looks quite OK, and if I do get one I'm sure it won't look fine.

I admit I'm looking at double-din head units though...
Nigel S
Double DIN units still need a small adapter as the faceplate of the Ford units is slightly larger.

[quote name='Nigel S' timestamp='1321517319' post='152894']
Double DIN units still need a small adapter as the faceplate of the Ford units is slightly larger.

Ooh good point, thanks for that.

I've had a look at double-din units and I seem to have 4 main options:
* Cheapy-cheap Chinese DVD units with a touch screen, which are all over eBay. They promise all the bells and whistles, but reviews by real owners are hard to come by and I suspect they'll be rubbish in both quality and actual functionality.
* Quality units like Alpine etc, which are way out of my price league.
* More modestly-priced units like Kenwood and JVC (these two brands seem to dominate the mid-priced double-Din market) but unbelievably the iPod can only connect via a USB port on the front - there's no discreet port at the back that I can leave permanently connected. What's the point of that? I don't want an unsightly cable sticking out of the dashboard or any visible clue that there's an iPod!
* Buy a later-model Ford unit. This will fit straight in, but as with my current unit iPod connection is via the AUX port only, with no selection of playlists/ track skipping via the head unit (the whole reason for upgrading in the first place). Plus illumination is red, while the rest of my dash is green (my single-DIN Kenwood has selectable colours)

So all 4 double-Din options seem to be out, either on cost, quality or just plain awkwardness on my part. Looks like I'll be installing my existing Kenwood.
Well I finally chose to install my existing single-Din Kenwood, and I ordered the necessary parts of ebay :
* Fascia plate
* Stalk control wiring
* Removal keys for Ford 6000CD

Got the lot for under 30 incl P&P which I think was a pretty good price.

It all arrived today, so if I get a chance this weekend I may have a crack at installing.

However I have two questions

1. The removal keys to extract the Ford 6000CD have curved ends. Do I place the curved edges facing the inside or facing the outside when inserting them? I don't want to damage any cabling by putting them in the wrong way.

2. I want to install the iPod so that it's discreetly tucked away in the glovebox, which will require feeding the iPod cable from behind the stereo into the glovebox. Is there already a suitable hole in the glovebox that I can use (e.g. for the light) or do I need to drill one?
If I do need to drill, is it possible to remove the glovebox and how would I do this?
if you open the glove box is there a blank in the top left hand corner that you could use?
When you get it finished stick up some pics.

Am interested to see what the Focus dash looks like with a single din head unit in. I worry it will look gash, if not it would easy some of my current issues, until a better solution is sorted
[quote name='Chutney' timestamp='1322430613' post='154301']
When you get it finished stick up some pics.

Am interested to see what the Focus dash looks like with a single din head unit in. I worry it will look gash, if not it would easy some of my current issues, until a better solution is sorted
Pictures will certainly be up, when I get a chance to fit it. Been busy all weekend, and I'd prefer to to do this during day rather than at night. Will keep you all posted.
Well I've finally found the time to install my single-DIN stereo, and everything went well.
The face plate adaptor fitted (almost) perfectly, I managed to feed the iPod cable into the glovebox without drilling a hole, and the stalk controls work perfectly.

Here's some shots.

Step 1.
Unscrew the 7 glovebox bolts and partially slide out the glovebox.
On the top right is the hole that the glovebox lamp shines through. I passed the iPod cable through this, so the USB end could connect to the rear of the head unit. The 30-pin connector is now inside the glovebox, so the iPod can be kept tucked away.
Then re-install the glovebox, taking care to clip in the bottom edges properly.


Step 2.
Use the 4 keys to remove the Ford stereo. Disconnect all cables, but take care not to lose the aerial lead!
Ford have a great system where the big connector has a hinged lever behind it. Hinge up the lever and the cable starts to disconnect for you, allowing you to pull it out easily. Hinge the lever back down and the cable is securely fastened.


Step 3.
Install the metal 'cage' for the new head unit into the face plate adaptor.
If you do this before actually installing the face plate, it's a lot easier.

Step 4.
Install the face plate into the Focus dash. (I used a Connects2 CT24FD10).
There are 4 metal clips that click into tabs behind the dash, holding it securely in place.
Feed the cables through so you can attach them to the rear of the new head unit.

Because the original stereo is double-DIN, half of the face plate is a cubby hole. I chose to have this at the bottom, so if I have my phone in there while it's on charge the cable doesn't hang down in front of the stereo.

Step 5.
Install the stalk control adaptor. (I used a Connects2 CTSFO002. This is a two-part system, the main cable and box of electronics is matched to the make/model of car, plus you also need an additional connector unique to your brand of head unit).
This sits between the Ford wiring harness and the head unit's own wiring, and translates the electronic signals so the two systems can talk to each other.
It's a really simple system, and it's blindingly obvious how it all connects so there's no way you can do it wrong.

At this point it's a good idea to test that everything works correctly.

Step 6.
Slide home the new head unit until it clicks and locks in place.

And this is what it looks like when finished:

Stereo face on:

...and stereo face off:

Perhaps it's not 100% perfect, because as you can see the long sides of the cubby holes bow ever so slightly. But it's all secure and I have to say it's a really minor flaw that doesn't bother me.

All in, this took me around and hour or so to fit and cost me just 30 (the head unit has been in my previous two cars) and gives me full control of my iPod via the stalk controls.
hey thanks for the photo's given me the idea of fitting my kenwood into mine, i think i have the model up from yours so thats worked out perfectly for me to think about changing mine to single din.

i was thinking of cutting a small hole in the back of the plate at the bottom so i can feed though my wire for my iphone. so my phone can sit in there nicely.

i shell load photo's up when i do fit my headunit...and find out to 2 upload photos also

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