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Full Version: Glow Plugs
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Hi all,

Ive been having trouble starting my car and i thought it was the glow plugs so i bought a new set. I tried starting it yesterday and the battery was dead so i guess it wasnt the glow plugs. i have replaced the battery and seeing as i have the glow plugs i may as well replace them also as the wife is pregnant and i dont want to have starting issues in the cold weather.

Ive had a look at the engine and all i can see is the injectors. Are the glow plugs under the inlet manifold cover as i dont want to take it off if they are somewhere else.

They are just like a spark plug, so should have the same location. A quick search on google brought:

Hopefully that should help you.
Thanks for the reply jeebowhite. I did find a youtube video on how to change them on a mondeo but the engine I have only went into the Mondeos from Mk 4. Ive had a look on the front of the engine but i cant see anything that looks like spark plugs. The engine in the video was from a Mk 3 too and the layout was completely different.

Ive done loads of searching and the best i can find is that you have to remove the EGR to get at them. I think ive found the EGR as it mentioned a metal pipe at the back of the engine but as i have no idea what it does, so unless im completely wrong and they are easier to change i think ill have to take it to a garage as I cant be without the car if I screw something up.

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