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Full Version: I'm Gonna Blow My Car Up!!!!!
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I have a focus tdci had problems with a injector spent 144 for a recon one fitted it and still running rough takes about 5 mins to start and it smokes so much I have replaced most of the sensors cleaned the egr valve new fuel filter and bg244 and still the same it does have power when it's warm it flys then when slow down again then try too floor it no power goes slow and judders had it on a snap on diagnostic and it keeps saying maf sensor it can't be its new end of my tether what do I do?
Woah, I can't say I'd blaim you and I can understand your fustration. I would check for a vacuum leak from the breather hose's and air intake. Maybe there is a loose gasket on the inlet manifold or worse case a crack on the manifold itself. If you've only got the egr cleaned maybe it's time to replace it?
Found the problem piston rings gone on 1&2 f##king car gonna get a new engine for 456 pounds with 3 months warranty on it all I need before Xmas.
Out of curiosity where did you get a used engine and 3 months warranty from?

Full Colour Version: I'm Gonna Blow My Car Up!!!!!
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