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Full Version: Knocking Noise From Front Passenger
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Hi, totally new to this, however needs s little help for my wifes Ka.

Just bought 4 weeks ago and getting a sharp knocking or clinking noise from 15 - 40 mph (Approx) from passenger side. Been through an MOT 4 weeks ago and nothing showed, have had wishbone, Track rod ends and all associated suspension bushes etc checked, however we have noticed the top of the coil spring is rusted and missing the powder coating - would this cause the knocking?

It is worse when you drive over rough parts in the road or where are 2 people in the car. Also just replaced both discs and pads.

Any help would be appreciated. If spring can someone advise where best deals are ?

With you having all the bushes etc already checked and if it isn't a broken spring, all I can think is the suspension top mount may be worn. These tend to cause a knocking noise over the very slightest of bumps.
sounds like topmount to me

try pushing the suspension down to make the car bounce (push down on the wing)

i would also get the damper checked as that maybe the problem the part thats in the middle of the spring
also try the anti roll bar bushes they wear out & cause a knocking noise
cheap to replace aswell

any other parts you need try here
clueless chancer
Had this same problem on girlfriend's Ka, turned out to be top mounts. Had wishbone bushes done at same time. I only noticed it by looking at the tyres, they were worn on the outer edges. Had a drive of it to see what was happening and then heard the knocking, and car just didn't feel right. Been fine since, but had to have rear coil springs replaced for the MOT, probably caused by the millions of potholes we have around Sheffield.

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