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Full Version: Sweeping Dials Problem
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clueless chancer
My Mondeo Tdci130 (6) has now developed a new problem.

When trying to start, after turning the ignition lights on, the dials sweep around to max then back to zero. Try to start the engine, it might just turn over once, sometimes not at all. At the same time, a crackling sound can be heard, which I assume is from somewhere under the bonnet, although not exactly sure yet. Eventually the car will start up as normal.

I have just had the starter motor, clutch kit and dual mass flywheel replaced.

Any ideas please?
the dials will do this when the battery has been disconnected,its like a test sweep,and with the sound it could a battery connection thats not secure.also check all the leads to the started are secure.
fishpond 47
[quote name='mintalkin' timestamp='1322323810' post='154052']
the dials will do this when the battery has been disconnected,its like a test sweep,and with the sound it could a battery connection thats not secure.also check all the leads to the started are secure.

Totally agree, but also get your battery checked as it may well be on it's way out, diesel engines take a lot of amps out of a battery to start the engine.

This time of year is a killer for batteries,dark going to work, dark coming home from work (for most of us) start it up, put lights on, put heater/demister on, put heated rear screen on, radio on. how much is all that taking out off the charging system and how much charge is it giving back to the battery.
clueless chancer
Thanks for the suggestions guys.

I've removed the battery earth lead, cleaned the connection and refitted securely. Done the same with the positive side. Interestingly, the smallest cable on that side was a poor connection, frayed and loose. I've replaced it with a new connector, so will see what that does. Not sure what that connection supplies power to, but it was only a small cable.

The car has now covered 108K, and is still on the original battery as fitted by Ford, so if the problem persists I will just replace it with a new one. I had it checked a couple of weeks ago, but admittedly it was done by a young lad at one of the big motor factors, the name of which begins with H, so not sure how much experience he has!

After 3 years of absolutely trouble free motoring, I am suddenly getting problems with reliability on this car, so I hope it is something simple like a battery. Just forked out a grand for new DMF, clutch and starter, so hoping not to spend too much!

As for the crackling/buzzing sound when I get the problem, could this be relays switching?
fishpond 47
Quote:[i]I am suddenly getting problems with reliability on this car[/i], belive me a lot of it will be down to the battery as most things are controlled via sensors now a days and if theres the slightest problem with the electrics(ie a dodgy battery) the elc will pick it up and the car will play up like mad showing all sorts of problems, yes even the relays will click if theres not enough volts/amps to work them, dont sit listening to them to much as they will just burn out.
If you don't have a voltmeter or multimeter in your toolbox, you could try checking the trip computer's built-in diagnostics.

Insert the ignition key, and then hold the OK button on the steering wheel down while you turn on the ignition (but not the engine).
Keep the OK button down until you see the diagnostics screen appear, then let go.

Then, use the trip computer buttons (up and down, if memory serves right) to scroll your way to the voltmeter. The vehicle voltage should be somewhere between 12.5 and 14 volts with the engine off.

Mine's about 11 volts, so I'm considering replacing the battery (but then again, I'm adding some power-hungry amplifiers, so perhaps I should get a high-output alternator too)
clueless chancer
Thanks for the replies.

I have fitted a new battery, silver calcium, same rating as the original, and the problem persists.
As it is intermittent, the garage I use are unsure what the problem is.

I have heard the alternator may be the problem, and would cause the dials to sweep like they are.

Going to check the alternator connection as soon as I can.

I think it may be something like that, the battery is charging ok and the battery light isn't on when running.
clueless chancer

So, I had the intermitent starting problem, engine would turn over once then no further.
Ended up with a new DMF clutch and starter for just under a thousand quid. Hey presto, problem solved.

Then it started again, but this time with a twist; try to start the car, the dials would do a full sweep to max, then back to zero. It would repeat this numerous times, then eventally start.
Took it back to garage, but the mechanic didn't know what the problem was, and to make matters worse, it wouldn't do it in front of him. He wasn't willing to even try to diagnose without seeing the problem with his own eyes.
Fitted a new silver calcium battery, cleaned and checked all connections, still happening intermittently.

Eventually, it failed to even turn over, would only start with a bump start. Took it back to him, replaced starter motor under warranty. Says the bearing had collapsed.

Has it worked? Watch this space!

Hope this may be of some help to anyone out there having similar problems.
first rule of having any problems - check the last thing that was fixied....

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