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Full Version: Mk2 Mondeo Rust On Rear Arches
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hi how would i go about repairing both my rear arches been quoted anything between 500-700 depending on if it needs new arches welded on with no gaurantee that the rust wont be back within a week. would it be cheaper to do it my self or find someone who does it as a hobbie as there will be no gaurantee either way? or if anyone does this kind of work or knows anyone please ket me no any advice/suggestion would be very welcome thanks

i will upload the pics so you can see the rust thanks
mr pompey
its a common problem, got the same issue on mine,
but the bloke i'll get to do it has quoted me 300, (but thats paying him in cash) and thats doin both sides aswell,
they might do it cheaper if u offer cash,

best thing u can do is get a couple of quotes, then go from there
Thanks for your reply. yeah they are common on the mondeo's 300 doesnt seem to bad is he going to put a new panel on or just fill and repair? i'm seriously considering doing it myself as i dont think it has rotted all the way through :unsure: but it goes to the skirt and the bumper thats the bit the body shop said would be hard to do. only 1 way i will find out i suppose.
1.sand or grind patch down and remove all paint and remove all rust if you dont want it to come back that is..
2.if its rusted right through you will need to weld a panel in place or you can use fiberglass to fill up the hole with some wire mesh ....for a cheep job
3.sand down the fiber glass to shape but sanding it down so you can spread filler over the top so it will be level with the bodywork (metal) not paint
4.once you have done that put your filer on the patch and sand down with 120 paper to knock the top off then 240 to fine it out (ALL BEING LEVEL WITH THE BODYWORK) you will prob have to do this to or three times to get it right !!
5.spray hi build (gray) primer over it about 5ish times to get the build of paint then sand down with wet 2500 paper not sanding through the primer .
6.once this is all done clean all of the area and mask it all up then you will be ready for painting
7.spay the patch must give it as meny coats as it needs to get the right shade
8.remove all overspray then laquer your panel.. once it is all dry then give the side of the car a good t-cut ....

hope this helps but only your self can get it right
excellent peanut thanks for the how to guide :D

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