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Full Version: The Dreaded Knocking Sound
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Hi all,

i have a "knocking sound from the front left of the car, its not a clonking noise it sounds like the exhaust hitting the mounts but i have checked these and they are fine, i have taken it to the garage and they thought it was the top suspension mounts so they replaced these and it solved the big knocking noise but there is still a squeeky knocking noise, so we then replaced the drop links thinking it was them but no still a knocking noise, i really dont know what else to do. can someone help me please. If its any help the knocking noise only happens when i go over small bumps.
I would have thought it was the top mount myself. The only other thing is the anti roll bar bushes may be worn.
i recon the anti roll bar bushes are gone

get under the car & push n pull on the anti roll bar to see it there is any movement
cost about 6.00 a pair of bushes
cheers mate,

are the anit roll bar bushes easy to replace ? its defiantly not the top mounts as i had them replaced last week.

quite an easy job
remove the wheel & you will see 2 bolts that holds the anti roll bar inplace.
the anti roll bar rubber takes about 30 mins each side there abouts
from memory you need a 10 mm spanner
i have attatched a piccy of what you neet to look at
i have sort of circlet the part you need to look at
there is also a link of the part you need to replace
just remove the 2 bolts then take off the metal clip and the rubber will prize off as it's a split rubber
so easy to remove

the way i removed mine is remove the forward most bolt then unto the rear bolt as far as possible then bend the metal clip n remve the rubber then fit the new rubber then push the metal clip back on then replace the front bolt partly then tightem both down
repeat the other side
thank you for your help,

this is probably a silly question but are the anti roll bar bushes in any way linked to the drop down links ?
do the ka's not suffer from lower wishbone bushes failing? you will get knocking if these have deteriorated.
it certainly can be the wishbones (lower suspension arm)
best the change the anti rollbar bushes as it's easy & cheap
if not them then i would replace wishbones & the track rod ends
both sides at the same time as the droplinks have been done already

if it is then i would get them from here as i get all my parts from them as they know what theyr doing & good quality products

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