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Full Version: Is It My Boost Pipe
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Hello everyone,

I`m new to this forum, and was wondering if someone can help me. I was out in my car last night and it came on, i`m getting this whooshing noise every time i get to about 2500 rpm, could it be my boost pipe or can someone know what it could be. I have a 2001 Mondeo TDDI. I`ve just been made redundant and on a limited budget so cant afford to put it into my local garage.please can some one help.

Many thanks Richard.
have a look at the pipe from the egr to the inlet manifold..these are known to split and cause similar problems i believe, usually with black smoke.
i have to agree it will either be the intercooler pipe from the egr valve or the small boost pipe under the turbo which has a split, its a wast of time trying to wrap these with tape as it can not usually handle the pressure, the real solution will be to replace the pipe.
Thanks guys, but cant see any splits in any of the pipes. so not sure whats going on with it. if anyone one can shed a light on what it might be please fell free in adding your comments thankyou
dave h
Hi mate has the gearbox been out recently as there is a boost pipe that runs on top of gearbox and when the garage fitted my new clutch the never re-tightened the clip properly and the pipe came off. Hope that helps Dave
Hi everyone

I`ve found the trouble, and with out all your help i would have had to use a garage, which at the min i cant afford.


Many thanks Richard
Thanks for the update Richard, nice one mate. Happy motoring again soon
Well, been to my local for dealers, they are saying the diameter of the ends of the pipe is 47mm - 57mm, but i been on the internet to see if i can pick one up cheaper the the 48. and the ones on ebay are saying the part i need is 56mm-56mm. so it looks like im going to have to take it off to measure it, before i buy it. HELP please

its probably the egr valve to the intercooler hose - Ford only part - do not get replica nonsense

I had this problem and replaced this pipe on the weekend.

On acceleration, I could hear a loud hissing sound and turbo would not kick in!

My split was 4-5"! so easily found it but with heavy boost, air can escape very easily!

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