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Full Version: Beeping Audible When Indicating
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I have noticied a beeping from the rear of the car (possibly the rear speakers) when I indicate either left or right, sometimes one and not the other, sometimes either. Also can be heard when using hazard lights and un/locking the car.

This has only developed in the last 12-24 hours. On the last journey (approx. 4mi), it seemed that the beeping couldn't be heard, as I had my sidelights on. I have done a little experimentation and it does seem that the issue is negated by having the lights on, although this may change, but I will update if there are any changes.

Has anyone else experienced this problem, or have any ideas (or solutions) as to what the problem might be?
Can you narrow down which lighting cluster it could be from?
For example, if the reverse light is only on one side of the car. If the reverse light stops the beeping, the wiring to that cluster could be loose, damaged or have an earth loose?
Perhaps try different lights.. Brake, Rear Fog, Front Fog, Parking Lights (can you switch Parking Lights to only one side with your indicator??)
What about other electrical equipment? Fans, Heaters, Rear demister etc?
Not sure about newer cars but the two Focuses I've had, had an electronic module in the driver's footwell (above your right foot).. are any connections to this loose?
Have you got reversing sensors as it could be that which is beeping. If so its as Joco said, probably an earth problem.
[quote name='btmaldon' timestamp='1323025235' post='155248']
Have you got reversing sensors as it could be that which is beeping. If so its as Joco said, probably an earth problem.

No, no reversing sensors. I had those on my Fusion (car prior to this Focus), so I know what they sound like. Thanks for thinking of it though.

I got in the car to go to work this morning and the problem wasn't present. Still, tried a variety of combinations: indication while in reverse, with headlights, with sidelights etc.; got nothing.

Let's hope the journey home is also uneventful!

Will keep you posted and thanks for the assistance!
I've not had any noise from the indicators now, for almost 24hrs. I guess whatever the issue, it has been resolved, either by some rogue cable no longer making a circuit, or perhaps some water doing the same thing.

Thanks for the assistance though!

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