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Full Version: Engine Malfunction And Then Engine Switches Off At Speed
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Hi Folks

Had a few scary moments while using the car on holiday.

We were on a duel carriageway doing 65-70 and the engine malfunction light comes on with the message as said and then the engine loses all power and cuts out.

Did it again on the motorway at Ahem 70mph

Both times we used hazards and safely got onto the hard shoulder.

After restarting the engine on both occasions everything returns to normal.

Took Car into ford dealer and they said injector 4 was out of sync or something and it needed recoding ?????

The car has done 14500 miles is this normal.

Jamie :-)
Wouldnt have thought it was normal mate?!? I know if it happened to mine i'd be severely annoyed!

looking at your picture its a 60 plate, so get it in under warranty and sorted!
Actually just had a thought, i had a similar problem on my old focus and it was contamination in the fuel system, from the HP Pump breaking up... definitely get it looked at and sorted before a hefty bill comes in lol!

Thankfully its still under its first year of warranty and it has a 2 year unlimited mileage rac warranty.

Its already had a new drivers door handle (sensor type for keyless entry) and the boot re sealed from a water leak

They said they reprogrammed the powertrain control module and engine control module

wow! sounds like your having a bit of a time woth the car already! i have the same engine, ill let you know if i get similar issues at that mileage... for some reason i bought mine with 4600 on the clock at a year old! Nothing for a diesel lol!

Those errors happened when the tuning box was not plugged in which is weired

I wish it had a 6th gear :-(

Mate... throw the tuning box away!! lol

my last car had one, and im convinced thats what killed my High Pressure fuel pump! sent swarf thru the fuel system and killed all 4 injectors!

yeah i agree, i find it a little gutless sometimes in 4th and 5th, if they were a better ratio with a 6th, i'm sure it would be a quicker car!
Are you sure its not a damaged fuel filter? I had the same thing on my Focus, the seal around the fuel filter had corroded through, like you at speed, the car started hopping, then the engine just died. It was always at above 2500 revs! get that checked, but get the repairs done under warranty!

same prob, i put redex in and prob went way 4 a wile then came bk, local garage says cud be crap in fuel system, changed fuel filter and prob returned, am scratching me hed, i give up with fords


could an oil leak cause engine malfulction?


If your talking about an external oil leak....... yea

but It would be a big one........and fatal eventually..... 




an internal oil leak will contaminate your coolant causing possible

overheating and or oil could be sucked into the engine and block / damage your cat / dpf



Never ignore an oil leak, its only going to get worse.


hi, engine malfuntion seems 2 be a oil leak on the pipe between the air flow and turbo (air flow mass) leak has got in2 turbo causing a bit of wear, but bin tld cud still get a wile b4 turbo starts smoking thn it will need relpacing?


any one no am i best going with fully or semi oil?

Full is better as I recall.

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