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Full Version: Flashing Coil Light Flashing But Not Actuator?
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I am having some difficulties with my 2005 TDCI mondeo (115). A month ago I had the flashing coil light and limp mode, after a restart it went away. got it scanned anyway and the diagnostic showed turbo actuator. The mechanic said it seemed fine, so see how I get on for a while. Now the light is back, bought a replacement actuator from parts gateway and fit it today, However it did not change a thing, the actuator arm did not move at all. When I fitted the old one back on, the actuator arm worked as it should until the revs go above 2k. Then limp mode and flashing coil light comes back.

another issue the car has which may or may not be related is difficulty starting when warm, but starts fine cold.

I have my suspicion that the new actuator was faulty and my original one wasn't. However, I now have no idea what the problem may be.

Is there a way that the scan would show an actuator fault when the problem was something else? I have a nasty feeling it may be the Turbo, As the car is only work about 2000 I don't want to spend out the 1000 for a new turbo.

Does anyone know a way I can test the actuator?

Sorry for the garbled message I am feeling a little confused.

Any thought would be gratefully received.
i presume that the car has an electronic actuator, you can not just replace the actuator because they have to be coded in to the turbo,the electronic actuator is a common failure and usually requires a new turbo but if yours is working up to a certain point it could be the variable vains in the turbo which are sticking (another common problem) and i would try cleaning these for the warm start problem there is a pmc update which should cure this and ford know about the problem.
Thanks for the response. I had a feeling it might be something like that.

Do you have any tips for cleaning the turbo vains? Are there any posts or guides that you know of?

Also what is a pmc update and can I just call ford and ask for one. will I have to pay?
try removing the arm from the actuator and moving the vanes by hand to see if they feel sticky,do you know what fault code was thrown up? if it was P132A it usually means a knackard actuator,you can get turbo cleaner but have never tried the stuff myself, the other option is to remove and strip/clean the turbo itself,there is a few pics for this if you enter mondeo turbo vanes clean into google.

as for the update ford will have to do this and there will be a charge for the update.

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