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Full Version: Clean Inside Of Headlights
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Is this possible?

The rubber cap at the back came off and moisture's got inside leading to fogging. I can dry that out, but there are some steaks (water marks) on the inside of the front plastic 'lens'. Can the 'lens' be removed and replaced safely?
I believe you can remove the lens, you would be best removing the entire light assembly, and disconnecting all bulbs and removing them from the holders. The lens should be "clipped" in place along the outside edge, bare in mind you need to line it up with the grommit inside to prevent more water getting in - otherwise you could open a bigger can of worms!
Thanks. Anyone here done it? Just wondering what the risk is of

1. Breaking the clips
2. Failing to get a seal on reassembly

Either would be quite expensive!
Breaking the clips is possible but if you apply "gentle pressure" then you should be fine (as long as they appear seperatable!)

secondly, if you are only removing the lens, wiping down, then re-applying, if you dont move the seal then you shouldnt have a great deal of trouble, unless your going to apply the lens then keep wiggling it about!
Lmk how you get on with this as I seem to have greasy fingermarks inside both lenses. I'm sure nobody will notice but they are irritating me. :)
I noticed the clips when i changed my bulbs, look fragile to me and Id be worried about sealing them again, i guess if i was going to do it i would get the light inside and warm it up with a hair dryer, so they might not be so brittle and then i would use clear sealant around the edge when re fitting


I know this is a very old post but did you manage to clean the headlights?.... I have the same issue.

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