Hi folks,

I've started a company to sell SpeedView Head up Displays (HUDs). These little gadgets project your speed onto the windscreen so that you can see your speed and see where you’re going at the same time.

[b]I'm looking for two volunteers for each model[/b] (gurus) to give it a whirl on each generation of Mondeo, in exchange for getting it [b]really, really, cheap - £40 for a Head up Display.[/b]

Dead handy if you’ve fitted a mario-kart sized steering wheel like I have on my MX5 (sorry), stopping 9 points turning into 12, or to get a speedo that reads [b]spot on[/b]. (you can re-calibrate it easily) You know you want one: bling and something to fiddle with on Boxing Day... ;-)

Quick video:




Here's the deal:

I have the "normal" instructions here:


I would like a "how to" for each vehicle - something like this:


I'll sell you a unit for £60 including post (£10 off RRP), then refund you another £20 when you upload the "how to" to the forum.

You'll need to find three wires. Earth, ignition live, vehicle speed signal (VSS). Earth and ignition live are easy enough. Easiest place to get vehicle speed signal is usually behind the radio (if it adjusts its volume with the speedo) or instrument panel. I don't have the wiring diagram for any Mondeos so you'll have to know how to find those - but otherwise installation is pretty straightforward. Even if the speedo is mechanical there's a work-around for that too.

Anybody interested in being the first, or just have questions? You can catch me in here, by PM, or on info@speedview.co B) Last but by no means least - many thanks to Steve for supporting new businesses; admin really is a credit to the OC! B)