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Full Version: Alloys For My Ford Ka
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Benji Ka
Hi Guys,

Recently bought myself a rubbish 1997 Ford Ka for £300 - but I love it already! :rolleyes:

While the tyres were legal enough to get through a recent MOT, I've found they really don't have the wet weather performance I'm looking for at this time of year.
A friend of mine has some old alloys that he's willing to give to me cheap. Trouble is they're not the same size as my steel wheels. I currently have 165/65/13 tyres, but the new wheels would be 175/70/13.

Now while that's not a huge difference, and the actual diameter of the tyres isn't much different (about 2cm) and the width is only a centimetre different, I was just wondering if anyone can clarify that these wheels will be ok for my car.

I just need to know:

Will they fit?
Will they enhance/compromise driving in any way?
Are they safe?

Thanks for helping out a total noob.


OH by the way I should've made it clear. My mate has some alloys with nearly new tyres that he's willing to give me cheap! :)
In terms of diameter, that is a 32mm or 5.91% difference. In terms of circumference it is 101mm difference.

If your speedo is accurate, when showing 70mph, you will actually be doing 74.14mph.

On a small engined car you will notice the difference in acceleration as it will need more power to get it rolling.

As far as fitting your car and provided the wheel studs are the same fitting, it all depends on the offset. If they fit too far over the hubs, the wheels will hit the inner walls on full lock. For example you cannot put SportKA or StreetKA wheels on normal KA without limiting the steering. Thats why these have a rubbish turning circle.

If they fitted without hitting anything on full lock then I still wouldnt bother without fitting 175/60/13 tyres.

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