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Full Version: Light On Throttle Jitter/splutter 1800-2000 Revs
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Have recently bought a 2008 mondeo zetec diesel with 29000 miles on the clock. Some times....when the revs get to 1800 -2000 usually around 30mph and I am light on the throttle the car appears to splutter even feels like fuel starvation.If I give it a bit more throttle it will pass through 2000 revs without the slight spluttering/fuel starvation.Does anyone know what this maybe???? I was going to put some fuel system cleaner into a fill of diesel to see if it helps, but is it safe to put it into this car??? Will it do any harm to the diesel particle filter?? Any help would be ver much appreciated...Thanks
I was going to post something similair as my 2002 mk3 does the same, dont think much is wrong as my fuel economy is good as is the rest of the cars performance.

As to using a fuel additive with a DPF its fine I used it in my 2.2 Citroen C5 with no probs and they are bad for DPF faults
[s][/s]THANKS will add the cleaner and see what happens...
I seem to have a more pronounced problem with jitter/splutter on my 2008 diesel mondeo. At about the 1800/2000 revs (just after the turbo kicking in) there is some very significant jitter/splutter. It is very pronounced when I have filled the fuel tank and when the tank is 3/4 empty it is barely noticable.
I cannot see any black exhaust fumes whilst looking in the rear view mirror when the car is spluttering so I assume its fuel starvation.
I have checked the air filter and this seems fine. I have visually checked the sensor on the air intake also and there is no sign of bugs etc. blocking it. I have not checked the fuel filter although I'm not sure if this could be the problem due to the isssue being more predominant when the fuel tank is full. I have no error messages on the dashboard.
Any suggestions or plans of attack welcome
I have a very similar problem - stuttering / hesitation on a very light throttle between about 1500 and 1800rpm but clears after that. It seems to be a common problem and I've posted on this and other forums (talkford). Some people have pointed to the EGR and / or the intercooler pipes but I've tried a blanking plate and check the pipes for leaks and the problem is still there. Fuel filter is another thing - I have tried a replacement but I'm getting a genuine ford / bosch one soon. Other than "simple" remedies, there doesn't seem to be an easy solution. I will probably try an injector leak off test which might point towards one or more fault injectors although I have an F-Super interface and it doesn't show any fault codes. Obviously if its injector or worse high pressure fuel pump related then it gets expensive. Suffice to say, it does seem to be quite common but at the moment I'm at a loss. Andy

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