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Full Version: Another Problem - Bunny Hopping, No Burning Smell?
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My ford focus 2005 tdci manual 123000 mil has started to bunny hop - only when I push it to high speeds (about 70mph) I feel a loss of power then it starts jumping like I'm pressing the accellerator on and off quickly in all gears until I restart the engine - I'm thinking it could be the flywheel or clutch, but there is no audible sound or burning smell?
Hi Antifaith, As I posted as an offcomment on one of your other threads, my gut is telling me this is not a clutch / DMF problem just yet. I still think it might have something to do with the service of the car, for example, my gut tells me (from past experience) that its in fact the fuel filter may need replacing!

Whats the service present state of the car? has it been fully serviced? is it due?

Its going to be cheaper for you to replace the following:

[*]Glow Plugs
[*]Oil Filter
[*]Fuel Filter

than it will be to replace the Clutch / DMF.

Just to check though, do you notice any spongy behaviour / a bit more bunny hopping as you gradually close the clutch? i.e. if you creep and peep does your car shake badly?
No there's no shuddering, its just very hard to find the bite when pulling off in 1st gear

- I replaced the oil filter and oil last week when I replaced the oil pickup pipe replacing the turbo and have since changed the oil again - but haven't replaced the fuel filter yet - though after checking it last had it done 2 years ago so it's probably time for a renewal! As for the glow plugs, I'll have to check the condition this afternoon on lunch

- I have the common problem of the 3rd injector seal leaking as well, so I thought it could be a possible issue with the injectors?

There's no odd behaviour with the clutch really apart from the minuscule biting point - it was my first instinct when the car started jumping though

wish this car would just give me a break lol - cheers for your help mate
Judging by what you are saying, the injector seal will probably have an impact, may not be a full cause, but it wont be helping, so a replacement would do no harm but probably more good.

Judging by the difficulty in finiding bite in first, thats concerning, does it bite OK in second? it worries me that you may have a gearbox problem in first, but see how it works in second!

I had the devil car so know exactly how you feel! lol.

So, if your car doesnt shake violently as you creep and peep in first or second, its less likely to be DMF / Clutch related. if it does in one gear but not the other, it *may* be gear related.

I would say fix what you know! 3rd injector seal - get that done, and if you think the likes of the fuel filter / glowies need replacing - do that as well to be absolutely sure!

I didnt realise that the Turbo and Engine shared the same Oil supply, so it seems I have learned something today!
Hi, first post but had a similar issue with my 1.8 TDCi a few weeks ago after buying second hand from a local garage. 3rd gear @ 3000rpm, 4th gear @ 2700rpm and in 5th gear @ 2500rpm. Car would lose power and then start to judder / bunny hop (under hard acceleration / foot to the floor kind)! Found out garage kept minimal fuel in the car in case the cars were broken into for it and the sediment in the tank was sucked up on test drives. New fuel filter solved the problem. Hope that makes some sense?
Certainly does btd1975, their logic is great, their practice isnt so good!
The concept of the blocked filter explains the poor performance, but if you dont get the cack out of the tank at some point then it will just build up... Its a shame you cant get your fuel tank cleared out really without sucking it to the filter and beyond...
Thanks for the reply! Agree on the sludge in tank issue. I guess my only option is to try and not run too low on fuel. I did have a look at some of the additives you put in the fuel tank, but none really looked like the answer! (Although saying that I was tempted by a product called BK244 which claims it cleans the carbon build up in the engine, might give it a go anyway...?!!).

Just going to have to not go below 1/4 of a tank and keep the fingers crossed! Although its an 08 so hopefully not too much in there and was a genuine case of being run too low by the garage Einsteins......
Well I know there is a product out there called something similar (BG244 maybe?)- It has been tried, tested and recommended to help improve efficiency from a few forum folks so its worth a look into!

Shame you cant just poke a hospipe and flood it! - or apparently some people have according to the interwebs...

The additives should help the most though the BG stuff is good, might not get rid of 100% but unless you fancy draining the tank, flooding the damned thing with water to get rid of all carbon (just letting it run out of the bottom of the tank...) then flooding it with fuel?

Dont know many who have done this, dont know wether its a good idea or not! lol
Ha! Knew I'd get the name wrong, you're right, it is BG244! I think that'll be the next move as the flooding option seems a little too drastic a measure for someone as incompetent as me!!
Just read your Kia cee'd update. Sounds like a car worth looking into next, never really thought about it before, but looks like a good option with the 7 year warranty.

Thanks for the replies!
No Worries, well do let us know if the BG244 works!

as for the Cee'd - a very worthy competitor to the Focus IMHO, cant say I would have the Cee'd if it wasnt for my Focus being the spawn of the devil, but it gave me a chance to give it a try!
Lol! Sounds like you've got it sorted this time! I'll stick the BG244 in next fill up, so being off for christmas now could be a few weeks! Nothing overly wrong, so not expecting too much of a difference but might help if there is any carbon build up, I'll repost if there is any noticeable change.

Merry Christmas!!
found out what the problem is I think - the NEW turbo is getting clogged with carbon again causing the veins to stick - causing me to jump about like an idiot along the motorway as it sticks and unsticks - a whistle has also returned - I'm thinking of trying this chemical cleaner - to see if it helps so I can flog it - any idea if it'll help the whistle?


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