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Full Version: Ford Ka Cutting Out
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im new to this site so i apologise in advance if i dont make much sense!

i have a 2000 reg ford ka 2 which im having a few problems with. mainly she has been cutting out and juddering when im slowing down and stopping at junctions. these problems have only been happening in the last month or so but im stuck on what could be causing it. when it did start happening, i naturally got my dad to have a look. we discovered that the spark plugs were practically just rust! they were in very bad condition so we changed them straight away (two of them snapped whilst trying to get them out). hoping that the plugs were causing the judders and stalling i carried on driving once they were changed but much to my dismay, she is still doing it.

i have had problems with the clutch when i first purchased her, (something to do with the switch on the pedal? everytime i used the clutch, the engine revved) but once that was mended she ran fine, and im wondering if maybe the clutch is overheating? maybe thats causing her to stall?

please note i am not very good with cars! lol im trying to learn as much as i can as i love my car to bits <3 and would like to solve the problem

thank u for reading :)
It is likely that the plug leads need changing as well if the plugs were that old. I cant see why the clutch would be overheating unless it was slipping all the time.

The stalling is probably due to the Idle Control Valve (Air By-Pass Valve)that needs replacing, or less likely it could be the Coil Pack, but unlikely if the car isn't missing under load.
thanks for the reply! im going to try get some new leads then and see if that might help. the original plugs were really bad, they had rusted and connected themselves to the engine :( if i get a new Idle Control Valve, is it quite easy to replace? or would giving the original one a good clean help?

You could give the old one a clean up as they do get sooted up inside. They are easy to reolace with only two 8mm bolts holding them on. Just remove it carefully so you dont damage the gasket.

While you are their, check your vacuum hoses dont have any splits or leaks.

Good luck with it.

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