Hey everyone, basically, I'm looking to purchase a cheap runaround just before next summer. I've looked at various Focus' but I can't justify the extra cost of the Ghia spec over the Zetec spec. Ideally what I want is a 1.6 auto which are plentiful in Zetec spec but not so much in Ghia.

The only real differences I can see are the alloys, the seats, a rear armrest and cruise control. Anything else?

I don't mind the Ghia but the upholstery is a bit 'pipe and slippers' for me as is the wood trim. One thing I've noticed with the Zetec is the amount for sale which appear to have water marks (I hope its water) on the seats, would these marks be simple to remove?

Also, will the 1.6 auto give me trouble mechanically? Not looking for anything over 65k miles

Just saw a picture of one which appears to have drum brakes :huh: Does the Focus use drums on the rear? I thought drums were obsolete now